Teacher’s Guides

The Teacher’s Guides for the MathScape units provide support for teachers as they implement MathScape, assess student work, integrate technology into the curriculum, and get parents and communities involved with math class. Each Teacher’s Guide includes:

Unlike classic textbook series where the Teacher’s Edition contains a reproduction of Student’s Edition with wrap around text, the MathScape Teacher’s Guide not only shows a reproduction of the Student Guide pages, but also contains suggestions for introductions, key discussion questions, and concluding activities that are not found in the Student Guide. Looking at a MathScape Teacher’s Guide gives the most complete picture of the curriculum materials; for review and training purposes, we recommend using the Teacher’s Guide.

MathScape Teacher’s Guide are spiral bound and are sold individually or in grade-level sets. Each unit has a separate Teacher’s Guide.

Student Guides

MathScape Student Guides provide essential materials and information for individual, pair, small group, and class work. Students use the book in conjunction with reproducible handouts (found in the Teacher’s Guide) and activities led by the teacher. Homework for each lesson is also provided in the Student Guide.

Individual soft-bound, non-consumable student guides are available for each unit. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase each grade’s set of seven units as a hard-bound text. The hard-bound text contains the same information and page design as the soft-bound text.

Manipulative Kit

Many MathScape activities require the use of manipulatives. These manipulatives range from the ordinary, such as rulers and calculators, to the unusual, such as Mystery Devices (in The Language of Numbers) and Slope-o-Meters (in Roads and Ramps) which students build. Through the use of manipulatives, students build and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and expand their abilities to communicate about mathematics. Manipulative kits that contain classroom sets of all manipulatives needed for specific units are available for purchase.

Math User's Handbook: Hot Words, Hot Topics

This optional handbook serves as a reference book for students. The first part is a glossary of mathematical terms, symbols, formulas, and patterns. The second part gives students extra support on specific mathematical concepts by providing explanations of concepts along with practice problems. Teachers can assign work from the handbook to students who need practice with skills or extra support on specific topics. Some schools purchase a set for each classroom for students to use there, while others purchase a copy for each student to keep at home and use while completing homework.

Technology Components

MathScape has a number of technology components which can be used to supplement the curriculum materials.