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What makes it snow?

Have you ever seen snow? If you haven't read on.

Snow falls in many parts of the world.

Here is a picture of snow falling in Roxbury.
This is a picture of me and my friends doing a project making snowflake with straws.

This is a picture of the to people that made this web page: Sarah and Chrismely

"It snows so the earth would get some water; it has to be cold and it has to have icy rain. No snowflake is the same." Geneeka

Snow Facts

Other interesting snow facts:
1. Snowflakes when viewed at microscopic levels are really groups of tiny snow crystals.
2. No two snowflakes are exactly alike.
3. Snow crystals are water molecules stacked together.
4. As the crystal grows larger, the corners sprout tiny arms, since they stick out a bit further into the saturated air (and thus grow a bit faster).
5. Snow flakes reflect visible sunlight, which includes lots of colors. Since all colors are scattered roughly equally well, the snow flake appears white.
6. Most snowflakes are less then half an inch across.
7. The biggest snowflakes can be up to two inches across.

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