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There are lots of ways! Please contact us to discuss these or other ideas:

Join the Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee, which consists of school administrators, faculty, students, staff, parents and EDC staff, continues to meet regularly and provide consultation on all aspects of the campaign. Members are listed on the SNAPPY website under "SNAPPY Staff and Advisors."

Make a donation or recruit sponsors

We are funded through a federal grant. However, monetary or in-kind donations (non tax-exempt) are always welcome, and enable us to improve the project. If you would consider a donation or are willing to help find additional support for the campaign, please contact us!

Help design the campaign

If you have design skills, we can use your help in creating eye-catching flyers and posters.

Put up flyers and posters

Every few weeks, we will be posting new messages around the school and in selected other locations, and we welcome your assistance.

Invite us to give a presentation

We hope to engage many members of the community in discussion about the campaign, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with your religious community, club, organization, or neighborhood group about the project.

Feel free to propose other ideas you have!

Contact information:
Phone: (617) 618-2719

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