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The NCIP Library is a compendium of resources on topics related to implementing technology for students with disabilities. We have recently culled through these resources, deleting those in which the information was out of date and/or no longer relevant given advances in technology. What remains are a set of resources that have enduring value, either because they chronicle sound instructional practices that still apply even though the technologies discussed have evolved, or because the information, although dated, is still relevant.

The NCIP Staff
September 1998

Types of Resources in the NCIP Library

NCIP Profiles:

Overviews of the topical area, including classroom vignettes, which illustrate how the given technology is integrated into instructional practices and/or the lives of individual students. These profiles are available in two different formats. (1) The HTML format allows you to read the profile on your computer screen, view pictures, link to related information, as well as print out the profile if you choose. (2) The Adobe Acrobat format enables you to download a fully formatted version of this profile (text & pictures) using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Video Profiles:

Video clips from NCIP's video profiles which vividly illustrate how students with diverse disabilities use technology to enhance their learning. A description of each video and ordering information is also available.

Resource Files:

A rich collection of resources including synthesized reviews of important research articles, chronicles of exemplary practices using assistive and instructional technologies, narrative explanations of various technologies, information on features of various hardware and software products, links to software information and demos, and much more.

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