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[Last updated September, 1997]

OVERVIEW: KeyWiz is one of a number of word prediction software programs from Words+ Inc. When speech output is included with KeyWiz, it is called EZ Keys (Words+, Inc.). EZ Keys is an "intelligent" word completion and prediction program. (With word prediction, after the user types the initial letter(s) of a words, he or she is offered a list of word choices. The user selects the desired word or its corresponding number and the word is typed out automatically.)


PREDICTION METHOD: Spelling Completion, Next Word, word relationships, and frequency of use.

PREDICTION WINDOW CHARACTERISTICS: A list of six word choices are offered in response to the letter typed. Word choices can appear in a vertical list. The prediction window is movable and can be resized so that predicted words with larger fonts can be produced for persons with visual impairments.

WORD LIST CHARACTERISTICS: The word prediction vocabulary contains up to 5,000 words and is fully modifiable. Users can add words to word lists on-line or through menu lists. Program keeps track of word usage by automatic save feature, and user can voluntarily update lists based on this data. User can create and load topical lists. Instant Phrases enables users to store thousands or millions of commonly used phrases and sentences to be able to retrieve them quickly and easily at a later date. Several sets are included with EZ Keys.

WORD MODIFICATION: EZ Keys provides the 12 most common word endings with automatic adjustment of spelling to accommodate the ending. Many suffixes can be added with one or two key strokes.

ABBREVIATION EXPANSION: It offers abbreviation expansion, with a maximum of 132 characters in each expansion. EZ Keys for Windows also offers a complete set of macros, which are abreviations that make the computer execute a command such as printing, rather than having to type or speak the command.

KEYBOARD ADAPTATIONS: "Key latching" is available for single finger operation. Features include adjustable acceptance time and adjustable repeat rate. Choice of standard QWERTY keyboard layout or ALPHA keyboard loayout (keys arranged alphabetically) available for standard or expanded keyboards.

SCANNING: Scanning WSKE (also by Words+, Inc.) can be added which provides a choice of scanning arrays that can be used in conjunction with EZ Keys.

TYPE SIZE: EZ Keys can be used with many graphics programs which provide enlarged characters for those with visual impairments. In graphics mode, the size of the word prediction box is adjustable.

SPEECH OUTPUT: When speech output is included with KeyWiz, it is called EZ Keys. A variety of features for non-speaking users are available For example, with SideTalk (TM), a conversation window can be invoked at any time, enabling the user to generate EZ Keys to converse while writing. Instant Phrases (TM) enables the user to access pre-determined phrases or sentences. READER enables users to easily speak documents they created and stored in their word processor. Whole sentences can be spoken with a simple keystroke.

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