Separation of Church and State

From: jdespain (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 16:27:04 EDT

I feel the need to add that I am NOT anti-Christian.

It is just to have equality, one set of Ten Commandments won't rate.
Also, religion and government are anti-constitutional; seperation of
church and state being the understanding made. Period.
IF we have religion in must be all religions...and
representing all religious symbolism in schools DOES NOT mean EQUALITY.
EQUALITY will only become even close to existence after much, hard work of
dialoguing, listening, understanding and bridge building over
disagreements and the reality of accepting differences.
I now know it is the Representatives which voted in this religious
representation and not the Senate yet. May it never happen.

Laws and Religion don't make the heart. Adults motivated by heart and
creative, positive imaginations for oneness have a better chance of
making the positive changes we need for our children happen.

For the Children,
JeanMarie DeSpain, M.S.
Educational Ideals

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