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marcia braundy (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 09:05:54 -0800

>> I have been taking a course of the Philosophy of Education at my local
>> university. This semester I have focused my theme on gender equity issues
>> in the classroom. I was wondering if anyone has read or knows of any
>> resources dealing with gender equity in the classroom from a philosophical
>> viewpoint. We have been studying the works of John Dewey, Nel Noddings,
>> Joan Tronto, Gertrude Himmelfarb and Benjamin Barber. At this point, John
>> Dewey seems to be my best bet. Any suggestions?

A Publication of the Province of British Columbia, "Equity in Apprenticeship
Resource Kit" has 7 page section of terrific resources (with contact
information) on "Creating an Equitable Classroom and Curriculum". this
looseleaf book is availabe through the Apprenticeship Branch,Greg Biggs,
Director, 604 660-1197.

There are many very fine resources annotated here.

One of these resources is Inclusive Curriculum Guidelines" by Marg Penny,
and excellent resource that I have seen and used and is available from Jean
Campbell of BC Ministry of Education, Skills and Training fax:356-8131

Also, Gender Equity Teaching: An annotated Bibliography of Professional
Development Materials, from the Ontario Women's Directorate (416) 314-0292
Marcia Braundy, BA;TQ
Advocate for Women in Trades, Technology, Operations and Blue Collar Work (WITT)

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