[EDEQUITY] National Mentoring Month

From: Leah.Dawn, (leahdawn@mentorgirls.org)
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 14:54:06 EST


There's great stuff happening this month of January 2002! Check out what
going on nationally, and in your local communities... If you are able to,
are already contributing toward local initiatives in your community and in
touch with national events & initiatives - then Right On... If not, there
are other ways to get involved (this includes opportunities abroad)!

US Mentoring Stamp Issued; Baltimore Mentoring Partnership Goes Statewide
10 January 2002 <http://www.mentoring.org/common/one_report/one_report.adp?

National Mentoring Month - January 2002
Theme "Who Mentored You? Were there people in your life who encouraged you
and helped you become who you are today? Thank them. And pass it on!"

"Who Mentored You?"
The Harvard Mentoring Project, an initiative of the Harvard School of
Health, has announced the launch of the first annual National Mentoring
Month a large-scale public service campaign (with the National Mentoring
Partnership) to recruit volunteer mentors for children who are at risk of
not leading healthy, productive lives. The campaign will run throughout
January each year.

Thank you in advance, I hope you'll keep a lookout for our Winter issue of
the MentorGirl Voice at <http://www.mentorgirls.org> set to publish on
Wednesday, 16 Jan 2002. And, you can subscribe to our newsletter by
a BLANK email to: MentorGirls-Newsletter-subscribe@topica.com

Warm regards,
and have a prosperous National Mentoring Month!

Leah Dawn
Founder/Director, www.MentorGirls.org
Member of the National Mentoring Partnership
Editor, MentorGirl Voice
Mentor A Girl!

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