[EDEQUITY] Reaction to opening statements

From: Jill Denner (Jilld@etr.org)
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 09:53:55 EST

I enjoyed reading the program descriptions of the other people on the panel
for this week's discussion by WEEA grantees. I want to respond to two
issues that came up for me as I read the opening remarks. I am interested
in reactions from the panelists, as well as from others.

First, Carmen Delgado Contreras mentioned that there is not always equity
WITHIN genders. I think this is an important point. In our afterschool
leadership program, we also notice that girls come to our program with a
range of experience talking about equity and taking on leadership. We have
tried to acknowledge the range of skills and experiences, and frame
leadership as NOT just about being assertive, but also about listening,
learning from others, and supporting each other. We are aware that in some
cultures, people lead quietly. I wonder how others have dealt with this
variation within gender?

Second, I would like to hear more about how other programs have dealt with
the "equity awareness" issue. Do people find that it is important to FIRST
raise awareness before the issue can be addressed? Are people finding
resistance to the idea that there is a NEED to address educational equity?
I would like to hear more about the "Exploring Your Options" program (that
Diana Melvin described) and how they get people to think about classroom

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