[EDEQUITY WEEA Project]Survey did not have surprises

From: Beth Meyer (Bethm@etr.org)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 15:40:05 EST

I will try to answer your questions about our school climate survey and
when Jill gets back in the office tomorrow, she can expand on it if she
feels she needs to. I know that we are using a combination of existing
measures and ones that Jill developed. We have received tremendous support
from the schools' administration and teachers. One principal asked us to
add a couple questions about if the students feel supported by the
administration and teachers.

We have the students take home a "passive consent" form to their
parents/guardians and I do not believe that there have been any parents who
have prohibited their daughter or son from taking the survey. We do not
require students to take it and I do not believe anyone has refused.

Like Jill said, we have only collected school climate data twice now and we
have not been able to analyze the second set of data. The results from our
first survey seemed really consistent with what the girls in our
after-school program have told us, so I was not surprised by anything in
particular. Jill may have more to comment on that.

Thanks for your interest!
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>>> "Kathryn Wheeler" wrote:
I'm interested in knowing more about your school "climate" survey and
where it came from, how people feel about filling it out, if the results
surprised you, etc.

Katie Wheeler
Girls' Coalition of Greater Boston

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