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Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 11:54:15 EST

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On morning when the temperature is 17 this woman from Houston wishes she
were closer to a warmer climate too! At this point, given that I am just
beginning to see how our district can work more equitably at the middle
school level, even the table of contents of the module series could be
helpful. Keep in mind that our predominantly Cambodian population shares
many cultural features with Latinos especially Latinos in the southwest. It
remains distinct of course, but counselors and social workers deal with
young women who find it difficult to imagine that they should expect any
thing other than the roles that are defined for them.

I look forward to collaborating whatever the distance.

Raquel Bauman

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From: Ann Muno [mailto:annmuno@earthlink.net]
Subject: [EDEQUITY WEEA Project Dialogue]Will start training series

I would be happy to make them available. This year we are attempting to
offer our first-ever training series for Seattle-area folks who have
expressed an interest in doing all-girl programming.

As a result we are currently putting together a RAP manual and training
schedule. The manual offers much more depth than the modules sections
alone; however, the manual is mammoth and would be pretty expensive to
copy. It includes all of our evaluation materials as well, lesson plans
that go with the modules and a ton of other information.
Let me know what is relevant to you and I can try to figure out a materials
cost. Wish we lived closer so we could look it over together!

"Ann Muno"

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