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Subject: [EDEQUITY Equity Now] Opening Statement by Emile Rosenberg
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My work in public education has spanned the entire history of Title IX. We
have come a long way and have much to celebrate. However, we must not
become complacent and assume that all our gains and achievements are
permanent. Vigilance is required and training programs need to address the
changing individuals who comprise our faculties and student bodies. The
term zero tolerance is often heard in terms of the proposed court or
governmental reaction to certain crimes or incidents. As someone involved
in equity enforcement in the public schools, training of staff begins with
firm commitment to zero indifference. To me this means that when faced
alleged violations of Title IX or sexual harassment, we must be active and
move quickly to intercede. I have seen the recent advent of restraining
orders involving one student against another which poses special challenges
when there is only one high school in the community. Also, waves of recent
immigrants have brought their own cultural backgrounds to the realm of
gender stereotypes which pose new challenges in our schools. Fiscal
constraints sometimes reopen old wounds as dearly gained victories in
programmatic equity face cutbacks. I look to our dialogue as a means of
reviewing our achievements and recharging our batteries for future
challenges known and unknown.

Dr. Emile Rosenberg
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Waltham, MA

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