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Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 23:13:11 EDT

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It is common practice all over the world for the head of state to pardon
>convicted criminals once a year, on a special occasion. It seems that in
>Senegal, those serving prison sentences for any form of violence against
>women will no longer be eligible for presidential pardon. An interesting
>example to follow.
>The regional office of UNIFEM in Dakar is conducting a training workshop
>on violence against women for officers of the Senegalese "gendarmerie
>nationale" (state police) from the entire nation. This training session
>was made possible through close collaboration with the national training
>centre for state police, and thanks to the highest level of support and
>commitment from the General, High Commander of the state police force. The
>High Commander attended the opening ceremony in the presence of the
>permanent secretaries of the Ministries of Armed Forces and Women's
>Affairs as well as UNDP representative, and UNIFEM regional program
>director. Media covered this unedited event.
>The High Commander instructed the officers to share their learning with
>their staff when they return to their respective duty stations and assured
>UNIFEM that this training will be integrated in their regular training
>Similar training programmes were conducted in 1998 for judges and police
>officers in charge of criminal investigation as part of their formal
>refresher courses.
>The most important result is the decision by these facilities to integrate
>and mainstream the training modules on violence against women in their
>regular training programmes.
>This is part of a UNIFEM/Dakar women's rights programme that received a
>generous contribution from the Government of France.
>Aster Zaoude
>Regional program director

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