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Schedule [as of 10 May 1999]

Supported with a grant from the Iowa Arts & Humanities Initiative [with
co-sponsorship from the University Lecture Committee, UI Center for Asian &
Pacific Studies, UI International Programs and UI Obermann Center for Advanced

details and bios of participants at


8-9 pm, pre-conference event at Prairie Lights Bookstore, 15 S. Dubuque St.

"Live from Prairie Lights" with Murray Sperber reading from Onward to Victory:
The Crises that Shaped College Sports (1998)



          Daytime sessions at W401 Pappajohn Business Building

          8-8:40 Registration and coffee
          8:45-9 Introductions and acknowledgments

        * 9-9:25
             o Audio-visual presentation: "Gentleman athlete: Joe
               DiMaggio and the celebration and submergence of
               ethnicity" - Michael Altimore
        * 9:30-11:00 Session I - John Erickson, Chair and commentator
             o "Girls in the Dugout: Gender, Law and Baseball" - Sarah
             o "The Black and Gold: African Americans and athletics at
               the University of Iowa" - David McMahon
             o "The good, the bad and the beautiful: Women's
               representations of women in sports prose" - Teri Bostian
             o "Characters on ice: The TV packaging of Winter Olympics
               sports" - Bettina Fabos
        * 11:15-12:45 Session II - Stephen Wieting, Chair and
             o "Born with skis on our feet: National identity, sports
               and media in Norway" -Roel Puijk
             o "Whose game is it?: Transformations in gender, ice
               hockey and Canadian identity" - Nancy Theberge
             o "The whole world isn't watching (but we thought they
               were): The Super Bowl and American solipsism" - Chris
             o "Claiming Everest: National identity and ideology at
               29,000 feet" - Susan Birrell
        * 2:15-2:55
             o Audio-visual presentation "Nike's commercial solution" -

             o "Steve Prefontaine: From Rebel with a Cause to Bourgeois
               Hero" - Theresa Walton"
             o "Girls, Sneakers and Salvation" - Shelley Lucas"
        * 3-5 p.m. Session III - Judy Polumbaum, Chair and commentator
             o "Playing to live or living to play? Functions and
               fundamentals of Iowa sports" - James Kramer
             o "Negotiating cultures: How some of the best sports
               journalists do some of their best work - Jill Agostino
             o "Two sports worlds: (1) America and (2) everyone else -
               Ian Thomsen
        * 7:30-9:30 PM KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Jim Harris, Emcee - Response,
          Michael Katovich
             o "The myths of big-time college sports" - Murray Sperber
        * SATURDAY, MAY 29 - 9-9:25
             o Audio-visual presentation "Tobacco, health and the
               sports metaphor" - Christopher Squier with Micaela
        * 9:30-11:00 Session IV - John Njue, Chair and commentator
             o "Of place and men, and women: Topophilia and gender in
               the 'Haxey Hood" - Catriona Parratt
             o "Tutsi-as-Rwanda: 'Imaginative sports' and
               'mythico-athletes" - John Bale
             o "Tradition vs. marketing in 20th century martial arts" -
               Drew Herman
             o "The clash of body cultures in China: Imagining the
               nation through martial arts and Olympic sports" - Susan
        * 11:15-12:45 Session V - Susan Birrell. Chair and commentator
             o "Meaning and joy in Latin American sports" - Joseph
             o "Cricket and calypso: Cultural representation and social
               history in the West Indies" - Douglas Midgett
             o "The internationalization of sports: The case of
               Iceland" - Gudmundur Magnusson
             o "Heroes and villains of the Tour de France" - Stephen
        * 2:15-3:15 Session VI - Mark Sidel. Chair and commentator
             o "Nationalism and amusement in Korean sumo wrestling" -
               Soon Hee Whang
             o "American hopes for Asian hoops" - Judy Polumbaum
             o "Playing around the world" - Ray Kelly
        * 3:30-5 Session VII - Liz Pearce, Chair and commentator
             o "Soccer in the news: Chinese perspectives on the global
               game" - Huang Jianxiang
             o "A tale of two elections: politics, power and corruption
               in the governance of world football" - John Sugden
             o "Staging the Olympics for national and international
               consumption" - Alan Tomlinson

             details at

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