Classroom behavior...

Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 08:25:28 EDT

For a few weeks now my 6th grade daughter has been complaining that in one of
her classes ''the boys are so misbehaved that she can't do her work''. The
teacher in this class is only 22 years old and a wonderful teacher in every
sense except it appears that she can't control the boys. Two older teachers
reported her class and this young teacher came and told her students..!!

This is the ONLY teacher in the whole school that I know of that makes a strong
effort to teach in a non-biased way. The only one who went to the assistant
supertintendent and gave her a list of books and materials on women (including a
Failing at Fairness copy) and said " Please get this for me"" She got everything
in the list.

I know who these boys are and what kind of trouble makers they are because they
are known for misbehaving. I called the assistant principal and without naming
the teacher told her that my daughter was having difficulty in two of her
classes because of the way boys appeared to control the classroom through
misbehaviour and that perhaps it was a good time for
them to step up their efforts in bringing the idea of ''civility'' which is
the idea that the school administration has been trying to bring to the students
this year. She got a little defensive and began to tell me how ''she was having
problems in a 7th grade class with some girls''...and that girls too were
trouble makers...

I was momentarly at a loss for words since I was not prepared to hear this. I
did NOT score any points with this administrator which is unusual for me and I
am now going to compose a letter to her. Can any one give me some ideas about
some points I should make ??

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