Re 4: What is wrong with parents!!!!!!

Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 20:17:49 EDT

This is not about any ''blame game''. Certainly I really do not know to who or
to what you are referring to when you say there is an elemet of a game of blame
being played. Most of the points that you convey are valid and welcomed but
before one can identify and properly analyze an action one has to look into many
factors and a great deal of variables that acompany that behavior or action. In
that process one has to do a what one thinks is a proper distribution of

Parents, society, culture, and educators are all part of that process and for
that reason one's analysis has to include them. If that is what you refer to as
a blame game then so be it. I call it a thinking process that aids in arriving
at certain truths.


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