Re 7: Girl Trap at school...

Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 18:09:50 EDT

I never cease to be AMAZED at the reality that so many things in our society are
so socially acceptable that one NEVER stops to think that something was wrong
until someone brings it up. I the mother that is ever ''watchful'' regarding
proper non biased behavior never realized that the ''kissing-chase game'' my
daughter used to come home and tell me about when in kintergarten has many
negative psychological ramifications. She use to come home and tell me that''
such and such boy chased such and such girl and gave her a kiss''..She used to
say "BUT NOT ME, mommy they won't catch me!!!!!!

Apparently the girls used to have to run at recess time trying not to get kissed
!!!!!! I am very sorry it never ocurred to me that this was wrong...

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