Re: Re 7: Girl Trap at school...

Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 17:17:00 EDT

It can become overwhelming when one thinks about all that is wrong in our
society and in our schools and what freedoms and liberty's each individual
and parent must defend in spite of mandates. Add to that what goes wrong in
other countries and the burden of our world can become unbearable. As
Capitalistic society itself functions on the basis of exploitation, it seems
to me that unless one finds others with similar viewpoints, one may
encounter psychological defense mechanisms like denial to blunt the pain of
reality. Ironically though, it is the same Capitalistic society that has
allowed the economic freedom and opportunity for equity for women and girls.
Can we count the human cost of our economic wealth? However, admittedly, I
am very glad that I was not born in different country and that my children
can have some of the opportunities that I have had.

"Robin Nelson" <>

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