Re 7: Parent Involvement

Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 09:40:28 EDT

I must have touched a very raw nerve here when I insisted that one of my major
life priorities is to make sure that my daughter, and for that matter, all the
other girls who benefit by my efforts, can benefit through my involvement in her

Some one said I was arrogant and implied that I must have all day to sit around
between soap operas and work with equity issues at my daughter's school and now
you seem to know all about my background implying that not only do I come from a
priviliged background but that I must be wealthy since my economic situation
alows me the time to be involved in
children's educational issues (specifically girls), so I am wondering what
psychological nerves I did touch here because regardless of what one's
economic condition is there is absolutely NO excuse not to get involved in
our children's education.

A PTA meeeting once a month can be managed by most parents I know, a little
shown concern regarding curriculum and teacher- and pupil interactions is as
easy to manage. I don't spend all day at my daughters's school spying and
roaming hallways but I know a great deal because I ask my daughter questions and
find out things through her friends. That is all you need to become involved and
it seems to me that even that appears to be too much for some, otherwise I would
not have received the hostile responses I have.

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