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Here's a longish message about an upcoming free conference in boston on Oct. 15.
 it's free but you do need to pre-register as explained in the message.

Friday, October 15, 1999
9:00 am- 4:00 pm
Hynes Convention Center
900 Boylston Street
Boston, MA

The 4th Annual Conference on Women's Health and the Environment
Media's subtle Messages: Women's Health and the Sexual Environment 1999
A Project of the Teresa and H. John Heinz III Foundation

National Conference on Women's Health

The media play a major role in the sexual education and mis-education
of our culture. According to a recent study by the Henry J. Kaiser Family
Foundation, sexual content can be found on two-thirds of all network prime-time
shows, in 85% of soap operas, 83% of movies and 78% of talk shows. Even more
importantly, the study shows a correlation between viewing programs high in
sexual content and early initiation of sexual intercourse. Given the public
health problems of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted
disease, it is vital that we fully understand the role media plays in
sexual education.

Problems could be mitigated if adults assume a more active role in sex
education for young people. However, a study published in the Journal of the
American Medical Association showed that many adults experience significant
problems with sex. As the head of the Sexuality Information and Education
Council said, "American cul-ture tends to be moderately erotophobic-afraid of
sexuality and loath to discuss it."

The Teresa and H. John Heinz III Foundation is sponsoring this
national conference to examine the link between sexual images in the
media and human health and behavior. With the proliferation of
media in our society, it is critical that we explore the sexual messages
transmitted by media, how they influence sexual behavior and the
extent to which we are letting media act as the primary sexual educators
of our young people.

A project of the Teresa and H. John Heinz III Foundation, this conference
is the fourth in a series entitled, "Women's Health and the Environment." The
series began in 1996 with a national conference that brought together
environmental and women's health leaders. In 1997 the series focused
specifically on women's health in the work-place and concerns being raised about
the health risks associated with the work environment. The 1998 program,
"Women's Health and the Cultural Environment," focused on how the media impacts
the health of women and girls. Held in Boston before audiences of more than a
thousand women and men, these conferences have examined the role of the
environment and culture in women's health.
The Teresa and H. John Heinz III Foundation launched the "Women, Health and the
Environment" series to increase public understanding about the special health
risks facing women from the physical and cultural environment, sources of
disease and the need for policies that protect women's health. The overall goal
of the series is to encourage the development of.policies and practices that
prevent ill-nesses linked to the environment, whether physical or cultural.

8:30 Registration and Coffee
9:00 Welcome
Teresa Heinz, Chairman Heinz Family Philanthropies
9:30- 10:00
Keynote Speaker
Ellen Levine, Editor-in-Chief Good Housekeeping
Gail Dines, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies,
Wheelock College,
Coeditor, Gender, Race and Class in the Media
10:30 - 12:00
Panel I
Gail Dines, Ph.D.
Lamakhosi Kunene, Creative Director & Program Director, Highwood Online and
Natalie Angier, Author, Women-An Intimate Biography, New York Times Science
12:00 Lunch
A boxed lunch will be provided
12:30- 1:00
Luncheon Speaker
Judy Woodruff, Anchor & Senior Correspondent, CNN America, Inc.
Afternoon Session
1:15- 1:30
1:30 - 3:00
Panel II
Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed.D., Director of Education, Prevention and
Outreach, Harvard Eating Disorder Center
Joe Kelly, Executive Director, Dads and Daughters
Nancy Gruver, Publisher, New Moon Publishing
A panel of teenage girls will also join us for this discussion.
3:00- 3:30
Closing Speaker
To be announced
3:30 Closing Remarks
On behalf of the members of our community with multiple
chemical sensitivities, the conference kindly requests that
participants refrain from wearing fragrances to all
conference activities.

Women's Health and the Sexual Environment Registration
There is no charge for the conference. Registration will be accepted on a first
come, first served basis. Due to overwhelming response, we cannot accept
registration by telephone. Please mail, fax or e-mail your registration
information to:
Heinz Family Conference
Regina Villa Associates
59 Temple Place, Suite 406
Boston, MA 02111
by fax: 617-357-1018
by e-mail:
Name _________________________________
Company/ Affiliation ______________________
Address ________________________________
City ___________________________________
State ________________ Zip _____________
Daytime Phone
( ) _________________________________
Evening Phone
( ) _________________________________
If you have any special needs, please contact Ms. Shaw as soon as possible
at 617-357-5772 or by e-mail at at 617-357-5772 or by e-mail at We cannot guarantee access
accommodations without 2 weeks notice.
Please note, due to the large number of conference attendees, registrations
will not be confirmed.

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