Re: Response on Progress

Date: Mon Dec 07 1998 - 00:00:00 EST

Well, I thought about that....realizing I might be wrong. So my apology. Marty
always in my life been a "male" name to me. It is not prejudice or bias. Simply
a mistaken assumption.

In so far as the issue of progress goes....
focusing on procedures to "fight" issues, although helpful and I'm glad they are
there, is not the progress most needed as I aforementioned. We need pro-active
holistic education with and for our children and ourselves in the first place.

JeanMarie DeSpain

Marty Henry wrote:

> Interesting how we assume Marty is a male. Is this an example of predetermined
> prejudices, jumping to conclusions, bias????
> Marty
> Dr. Martha A. Henry

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