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Double Enrollment of Female Students in Tech Classes
Futures Tool Kit SALE: Save $40 with our Back-to-School Special!
Only $100 for one month only: October 7 - November 8, 1999.
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Futures Tool Kit on sale from The National Institute for Women in Trades,
 Technology & Science (IWITTS)! Including the nationally acclaimed Video
 "Futures: Preparing Young Women for High Skill, High Wage Careers."
"The IWITTS materials are powerful tools for teachers and counselors work
ing to attract girls to technology and science careers."
    -Naomi Obie, Program Administrator, Alaska Department of Education

"Great insights on how to get women involved in nontraditional careers."
    -Ed Anderson, Advisor, Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah

"The video does an excellent job of using specific situations to highlight
broadly applicable strategies educators can use to encourage female students to
explore opportunities in technical fields."
    -Cy Pontillo, Ph.D, President, Technical Education Committee, American
Vocational Association

"Practical strategies STW coordinators and teachers can put into action right
    -Darl Naumann, Director of STW, Nebraska

IWITTS's Futures Tool Kit includes the following resources:

Futures: Preparing Young Women for High Skilled, High Wage Careers

Video (40 min.) -- Still wondering why there was only one female student in
the auto tech or physics engineering class and she dropped out after two
IWITTS's new interactive teacher training video combines acted vignettes with
documentary footage of teachers, students, internship coordinators, and
Follow "Lisa" from career counseling to the classroom to an internship.
Observe how her teacher, counselor and internship coordinator support her. Group
discussion questions after each section: Recruitment, Retention, and the

A Video Facilitator's Guide (15 pages) -- The answers to the questions
in the Futures video! Highlights strategies and key points from the video.
An invaluable learning aide and reference, both for individuals and for
those who plan to conduct workshops using the video.

School-To-Work: Preparing Young Women for Nontraditional Careers

A Trainer's Workshop Guide (36 pages) -- Teachers, counselors, and
school-to-work and equity coordinators find strategies they can put to work
right away in this tterrific guide to recruiting and retaining young women in
nontraditional classes and school-to-work activities. Rated "excellent" by
teachers, the guide also addresses how to prepare employers to welcome
young women in work-based learning experiences. Lecture notes, handouts,
case studies and transparency templates make the guide an indispensable
tool for educating others.

A Participant's Workbook (13 pages) -- Workshop facilitators can be sure to
keep workshop participants on track with this must-have companion to A
Trainer's Workshop Guide. Case studies and case analysis worksheets
provide workshop participants with a handy reference to take away with them
from your workshop.

An Annotated Bibliography of Practical Classroom Resources (16 pages) --
  If you're a teacher in technology, math, science, or trade and industry,
a counselor, or a school-to-work or gender equityy coordinator, you won't
want to miss this vital inventory of practical resources you can use with your
Encourage young women to consider nontraditional careers with resources on
role models, careers, list-servs and partnerships with out-of-school
Full citations and contact information for books, videos, web sites,
associations and more.

Be sure to check out our web site at www.iwitts.com for more
information about the above publications and to visit our free clip art gallery
of women in nontraditional jobs. And there's still room in our Nov 5 Futures
Training in Austin!!!

Donna Milgram
IWITTS (Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science)
iwitts@aol.com * website: www.iwitts.com
(202)686-7275 (phone) * (202)686-1291 (fax)

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