Re: Re[2]: Disabilities Dialogue

Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 19:57:00 EDT

I can see Tom and I are on the same wave length in terms of several of our
concerns, including the inadequacy of sex education. For those of you in a
position to advocate for more comprehensive sexuality education for students
with disabilities, and all students, go to it.

For those who are interested, resources on sex education for students with
disabilitiesz include the following. Note, however, that these do not address
gender-specific issues and needs:

NICHCY (National Information Clearinghouse on Handicapped Children and
Youth). 1992 Sexuality education for children and youth with disabilities.
NICHCY News Digest (ND17). This is a good overview of the compelling need for
sex education for students with disabilities. For more information on how to
obtain this resource, you can e-mail NICHCY at

May, D., & Kundert, D. 1996. Are special educators prepared to meet the sex
education needs of their students: A progress report? Journal of Special
Education (29) 433-441. This essentially talks about the inadequacy of
training that special educators (and all educators) receive.


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