ReA: FAIR takes on PBS National Desk

Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 12:45:54 EST


First of all, allow me to make one observation regarding the title of this
thread. Only in the minds of those individuals not blessed with an intellect
exceeding that of a box of rocks does paying attention to boys' problems,
realizing that boys are in fact people too, and focusing on boys' issues (for
once!) constitute anti-women's rights. Ethical people are beginning to realize
that it is possible for one to be pro-women while still being pro-male, and that
being in favor of fairness for boys does not automatically exclude one from
being in favor of fairness for girls. It is even arguable that there is no such
thing as "fairness for boys" or "fairness for girls," as fairness is a universal

  Secondly, I would like to commend, and have written letters commending, PBS
for (FINALLY!) showing gender issues from a boy's perspective, shedding light on
the terrible effects feminism and boy-hating gender "equity" advocates have had
on boys' lives, and exposing Title IX for what it really is. I believe that
there should be more shows and more series on this topic, as we are finally
beginning to realize that boys are severely traumatized by the hateful society
that we are currently infected by.

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