Not enough money for the girls soccer team....

Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 17:39:00 EDT

I am simply overwhelmed with how much work... how many things must be done in
order to begin an isolated war against a vast enemy (the school) in order to
bring equity and stand up for girls rights. Call it what is known ''guerrilla
tactics'' which is how small countries fight against incredible military
powers. Attack in a mall band and retreat quickly. Mr. C now has 2 posters of
women on display and my daughter reported today that the room is now
decorated with students reports on women...
Where did Mr. C suddenly come up with these materials? did some sympathetic
faculty member lend him the material because we have a meeting with the
director of curriculum and him this coming week? Does it matter where and
why? Perhaps not.
Now the message has been sent and the girls in the classroom can feel a bit
represented....but today we found out that the boys football team got new
equipment at a cost of 500 dollars per student and that that is the reason
only half the girls soccer team is geting warm up now another
issue begins and sometimes i don't know where and how Iam going to find the
time and energy of fighting so many inequities in the school now a
new series of phone calls, letters and headaches begin and Iam not even half
way with the other tasks of making sure the proper people know about the
other pressing issues of curriculum...what is more incredible however is that
I can't find any grass root support for any of this....

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