Questions/Discussion - Engineering programs

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 12:58:37 EST

Question on engineering programs in the k-12 level. I am going to interpret
programs as curricula and I'm expanding on the aspects of "engineering."

AIMS has many excellent manuals focusing on ideas and skills used in the
engineering world. An example is a curricula for grades 3 - 5 called
"Hardhatting in a Geo-World." This focuses on structures, measurement, and
geometry. It also identifies the Math (NCTM) Standards and Science
Benchmarks addressed in the publication. Another program publication called
"Machine Shop" utilizes the themes of energy, systems and interactions. This
and one called "Electrical Connections" are recommended for Grades 5 - 9.
Several of the publications are also available in Spanish. Write: Aims
Education Foundation, PO Box 8120, Fresno, CA 93747-8120.

GEMS (Great Exloration in Math and Science) is another source for good
engineering-type curricula. The "Build it! Festival" for Grades K-6 is one
of my favorites. GEMS, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California,
Berkeley, CA 94720.

Girls Inc. Curriculums include "Architecture and Engineering for Teens" and
"Simple machines." Girls Inc., National Resource Center, 441 West Michigan
Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Don't overlook the WEEA publications. "Exploring Work" and "How High the
Sky? How Far the Moon" are two I utilize a lot. Call 1-800-793-5076 for a
Mary Thompson --

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