RE: Questions for the Discussion

Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 09:40:02 EST

The University of Maryland at College Park has a one day science and
engineering day for girls (I think 10-13). This is hosted by a group of
current science and Engineering students. The cost was minimal (I think
$20.00) I think the program was well run and successful. I had several
"comments" and observations of the program (these are not to be considered
1. It took me two years to get my check to the school fast enough to meet
the enrollment deadline. The available slots fill up very quickly.
2. There was very little advertisement about the program so I suspect
only very attentive parents could get their children in the program.
3. The program was run by students with very little if any formal
background in the education of young girls. They seemed to compensate
with energy. But, It would be nice if the University would be of greater
4. A one day event once a year is probably too little exposure.

Paul Gammill
Decision Support
Prince George's County Public Schools

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