Women's history program plans for March

From: NWHP@aol.com
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 12:49:46 EST

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    Dear Women's History enthusiast --

    Please tell us about your planned women's history program(s) for March, and
    we'll post the information on our very popular website <www.NWHP.org>.
    This will both publicize your good work globally, and will surely inspire
    others to undertake women's history programming, too.

    Please use ONLY this format:

    State, city, date. Name of event, sponsor, **brief** description of event.
    Contact's name, phone number, e-mail.

    You can visit the website to see examples.

    I'll look forward to receiving this information from you! Our goal is to
    post the information within a week of its arrival.

    And, I wish you well with your planning and success with your program, of

    Mary Ruthsdotter
    National Women's History Project

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