RE: Gender breakdown

Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 13:47:58 EST

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    Thanks for the for information on the web site--most timely. The concerns
    about the enrollment patterns of males and females in higher education are
    just beginning and your points about the absence of minority males in
    higher education are well taken. In addition, however, is why other males
    are not completing the degree work. We are hearing of numbers of males,
    well-versed in technology, who are turning to industry rather that to
    universities when they leave high school. These are young men who
    otherwise would have attended college. In our region, which is prospering
    economically, other males are going into construction work and other trades
    after high school because of the pay and the ready job market. Many of
    these boys may have been looking at college work but opted for the world of
    work. There are a variety of reasons why the demographics are changing,
    and an in-depth look into the "why" is warranted. Title IX was never
    intended to exclude our sons as we sought to improve outcomes for our
    daughters. We need to be careful that another backlash about Title IX does
    not occur as it did last
    fall in the name of helping boys.

    Kathleen Rigsby <>

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