new web site on equity in education

Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 16:57:07 EDT

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    Announcing a new web site on equity in education...


    Weaving Gender Equity into Math Reform (based at TERC in
    Cambridge, MA) seeks to assist staff developers, curriculum
    writers, and workshop leaders in expanding the equity content of
    their workshops, videos, and written materials for teachers. Our
    project is investigating the specific question of gender equity in
    math reform, as well as the larger equity issues that these
    reforms pose for students from various academic,
    socio-economic, and linguistic backgrounds.

    The Weaving Gender Equity web site contains:
        - information on the project and our partners
        - links to other organizations concerned about equity in education
        - articles on equity in education
        - an annotated list of research articles, books, and electronic
        - a list of equity workshops around the country

    Christina Perez

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