Re: new charter school for girls

Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 10:48:29 EDT

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    Dear Linda: Calling the desire to establish a separate academic environment

    for girl's education apartheid, is a little extreme. Given the current well

    ''entrenched, unflexible, ungiven, dangerous, destructive an utterly
    curriculums and attitudes girls are exposed to in ''regular' schools single

    sex education is not an althogether unreasonable solution. Of course I have

    to agree with you that it would be terrific to start removing some of those

    obstacles by challenging the legal system but that appears not to be an
    alternative to some people including myself. However I would not hesitate
    bring a lawsuit against my daughter's school if necessary under tile IX. I
    believe that there has to be a well coordinated effort by major women's
    organizations to begin a well thought out and well founded legal effort to
    help parents who have a legitimate complain against a school (which most of

    us have at one point or another) in order to begin putting this issue were
    should be, Into the legal system for tests and results. It seems to me by
    my own
    experience that once school authorities realize how serious one is about
    possible legal action you inmediately begin to see results in terms of
    ''fixing'' the problem even if its only a ''band aid''. The good thing
    this is that although only a temporary solution at least you accomplished
    objective of making educators more aware of the problem. I believe that it
    better for a girl to be in an educational positive environment were she is

    given the respect she deserves than to have her go through
     all the truly horrible negative experience of sexist public schools. I
    been pleading with my daughter to be home schooled but she has been
    resisting. Some people find this overture on my part as an attempt to
    isolate my daughter,
    and although there are some possible negative aspects to this, the way I
    would do it is I would find a hundred other ways to compensate for it. If
    there was an all girls school in my area my daughter would be the first to
    enroll. That way she can grow emotionally, socially and academically,
    the way I see it through my daughter, she spends more time trying to fend
    negative social attitudes among her teachers and peers ,than she does
    her energy in a positive personal academic experience.

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