[EDEQUITY]Attended an all women's college

From: Amy Kelly (huameibaiyun@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 08:07:22 EDT

I'd love to hear everyone's opinions, and any research on this...because on

the one hand, I'm totally against schools creating ANY "false" experiences
(yes, I realize school itself is "artificial" in many ways, but some
practices are more "genuine" than others). ANd I think boys and girls need
this time in their lives to learn how to interact with each other in
respectful ways, with girls learning to speak up whether a boy is in the
room or not, etc.

BUT, I see the benefits too. I attended an almost all women's college, and
it was a great experience. My self-confidence improved ten-fold, and I
that was part of it. Also, in feminism classes, there weren't folks there
feeling defensive about the issue, and while many women played devil's
advocate, it wasn't as bad as if men had been doing it.

I'm so on the fence on this one...which I realize is the sign of an
intelligent, thinking person.....but I like to know what I think! ;-)

I haven't posted many times here, so I hope my tone is "professional"
enough...I'd just really love to hear everyone's thought!

Amy Kelly
Newton Public Schools, MA

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