RE 4: Empowering the girl-child: the common goal

From: Lois Phillips (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 12:43:41 EST

I am responding to Miss Amber DeWine, who signs her lengthy diatribes with
"hugs." While you are entitled to your opinion, you are sadly misinformed
about inequities in the system. As long as women earn 70 cents to the
dollor earned by men for the same work, there are patterns of
discrimination in our institutions that must be addressed.

I don't know any feminist who wants boys to suffer losses of opportunities,
or not be educated to be fully human and to develop their full potential.
We want the same opportunities for girls to achieve the full range of human
experiences and to also develop their full potential.

Take some courses, open your mind, and expand your consciousness.
L. Phillips

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