Re: Question

Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 11:42:03 EST

To an untrained ''eye'' your line of argument and way of rationalizing the
points of your argument concerning the validity of TITLE IX would seem
somewhat impressive. After all you pose your questions in an intelligent
order. But to some of us who have been ''around a while'' and know how to
read ''between the lines''( the political lines in this case) your
''concern'' posed as a "question'' sounds old. The only ''demolition of
boys sports'' that I know of and which Title IX had anything to do with
the was in my daughter's school recently through the amount of physical
injuries suffered by the Football Team (all boys). In the meanwhile in
order to ''accomodate the 130 "sports deprived boys" that tried out, the
football team made NO cuts while the girls soccer and field hockey did and
the girls were told to go join a cheerleadin squad. clearly a violation of
Title IX. The school will have to find a better way next year
because we will make sure they do.

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