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I have created a Webliography listing more than 150 linked web sites of
women biography collections. With Women's History Month fast
approaching, I thought professionals, students, educators, parents, and
others would find my Women's Biography Sites useful.

Women's Biography Sites can be found at

Although textbooks are improving, the inclusion of women and their
accomplishments is still limited.

According to Women's Education Equity Association (NCSEE News, Fall
    In 1000 pages of U.S. history texts, less than 3 percent of the
history is about women.
    In science textbooks, 2/3 to ? of drawings are of males.
    70 percent of music-related figures in textbooks are male.
    In language arts textbooks there are twice as many males as females

To make the job of inclusion easier, this Webliography Series has been
created, beginning with Women Biographies on the Internet. Within these
pages, the reader can find information about thousands of women who have
been or are presently mathematicians, computer scientists, artists,
authors, inventors, and historical figures by connecting to the Internet
address cited.

The reader can choose from eight categories: Arts & Entertainment;
General; History; International; Politics; Science, Math, and
Technology; Other; and Sports.


Sharon Hushka

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