Request for Title IX information

Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 17:05:48 EST

Forwarded by Linda Purrington <>

From: Mary Reicks <>
Subject: help with history fair project?

>I am a sixth grade student at Turkey Valley Community School. We are
>working on National History Day presentations. The theme for this
>year's History Day Competition is "Turning Points in History". I have
>chosen to research Title IX's impact on history.
>I am writing you in hopes of acquiring information on how Title IX
>changed history. I am looking for dates, people and events that were
>turning points in that led to the broader effects of this legislation.
>I'd appreciate any pamphlets, posters, news articles or documents you have
>on this subject. Please take the time to answer the following questions
>>to help me with History Day project.
>How do you think Title IX has effected women's sports?
>How do you think Title IX was a turning point in history?
>Outside of sports, how has Title IX changed the world we live in today?
>I appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you in advance for your
>time and help. I need my research by March 1.
>Andrew Reicks
>Turkey Valley Community School
>3219 State Hwy. 24
>Jackson Junction, IA 52171

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