Re: Equalizing Advantage

Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 14:41:39 EST wrote:
<<<The questions you ask are very complex and there are NO simple answers.
For example, while it is true that women's enrollment in college is
slightly higher than that of males, women dominated professions are still
nursing and elementary school teaching. Both professions, particularly the
latter, do not offer competitive salaries>>>

Is this because women do not have the opportunity or because they do not
believe they are as good as the guys and can get the higher paying
positions? I.e. is it a confidence thing? I am on a women in science
mailing list and we are currently discussing the issue of lack of
confidence in girls/women. It seems a lot of intelligent women suffer from
lack of confidence, but noone really knows why or how to correct it.

Now if women do make it all the way to the 'higher paying positions' and
then are paid less than the men in those same positions, we really have a
problem. Are there any stats. on this?

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