Tim Boals-Opening Statement

From: edequity@phoenix.edc.org
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 10:19:10 EST

Dear Equity Listserv Members:

In the state of Wisconsin, we have developed a framework for conducting
standards-based (academic) assessments of English Language Learners (ELLs)
the classroom level. The framework provides teachers of ELLs what we call
alternate performance indicators (APIs), which are observable, measurable
indicators of progress aligned with the same academic standards all other
children must meet. We believe the APIs and accompanying sample assessment
give teachers direction for guiding curriculum development and assessment
progress for a group of students that have far too often been left out of
accountability loop.

While the APIs, guidebook for their appropriate use, and the principal
rubric known as MECCA (Measuring Essential Communication in the Content
can be used for any ELLs, they are particularly helpful in providing
feedback on
the progress of ELLs at the early and intermediate stages of English
growth, as ELLs do not participate in the state's regular academic
until the advanced intermediate designation (this is by administrative

I am looking forward to participating in this discussion. If you would like
information about accountability for ELLs in Wisconsin, you can visit our
website at <www.dpi.state.wi.us>. Once there, go to programs, Equity
Team, Bilingual/ESL programs. I have a couple of articles on assessment
Additional info can also be found at the Office for Educational
page (listed under programs). Unfortunately, the APIs and guidebook are
not yet
available on line but we expect to have it available within a couple of
There will also be a CD-ROM version available for sale by May or June.

Tim Boals, Consultant
Bilingual/ESL Education Program
Equity Mission Team
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
PO Box 7841, Madison WI 53707-7841
(608) 266-5469, Fax (608) 267-0364

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