Kathleen Rigsby-Closing Thoughts

From: edequity@phoenix.edc.org
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 16:07:46 EST

The discussion about education assessments will continue for all of us.
The need and the challenge to use assessment processes in a constructive
and equitable manner will remain. As long as there are differences in
achievement among our students the dialogue needs to continue, not only
among ourselves, but, also, with policy makers and others. There is too
much at stake for our children and for the future of our society to use
assessments as a method to further marginalize populations already removed
from full access to equal educational opportunity.

As this dialogue concludes, it would be approriate for those who have
participated to share their thoughts, caveats, and hopes about this. What
all of you have shared has been most insightful and has given a greater
depth to this than discussion than would otherwise have occurred. Thank

Keep in touch.
Kathleen Rigsby <rigsby@CAHS.Colostate.edu>

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