Re: democratic classrooms

Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 10:44:54 EDT

I have not been following this issue so forgive me if I am a bit off on
this is about exactly. However, I went to a school where the students
much decided the activities, and subjects to be studied and as far as I
it was the greatest educational experience I could have ever had. By the
we were in the 3th and 4th grades we were doing serious acting, writing and

reading and we never had any discipinary problems. The teachers simply sat
there and participated along with us and were as free to teach as we were
learn. There was no division among these two concepts. As far as I'am
concerned the student/teacher relationship in contemporary education is the

reason so many kids hate school. There is very little room here for them to

express themselves freely and to be able to interact on a one to one basis

with their educational experience. It is worst for girls who have to sit
there and be subjected by force, to a shameless gender biased curriculum
excludes them completely. And the teachers are the ones who, also
shamelessly, subject their students to what amounts to garbage educational
curriculums. There is
NO democracy in American classrooms unless you happen to be a boy.
Adriana lesemann

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