Sexual Harassment Intervention & Investigation Workshops

Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 11:24:31 EDT

Hello, all:

Here is an update on upcoming McGrath workshops. (I hope that my tab
formatting holds and you can tell what is what...)

McGrath Systems' founder and president, Mary Jo McGrath, Attorney at Law,
will be leading the two May workshops in Santa Barbara herself. These are
open to the public and still have some space available

If you are interested in attending one of the in-house programs being
by an educational institution near you, we can check on availability of
space, and in most cases, make a special arrangement for your

For more information, please call the McGrath Systems office at (800)

Thank you.

Maureen Charles
National Program Director
McGrath Systems, Inc.
Legally Based Training

Upcoming McGrath Sexual Harassment Intervention Workshops

Location Type Host Dates
Santa Barbara, CA SH Investigation, Level 1 McGrath Systems May

9-10, 2000
Santa Barbara, CA SH Investigation, Level 2 McGrath Systems May

11-12, 2000
Visalia, CA Sexual Harassment Awareness Tulare County Office of Ed May

15, 2000
                and Complaint Management
Visalia, CA Sexual Harassment Investigation Tulare County Office of Ed

May 16, 2000
Hillside, NJ SH Investigation, Level 1 Hillside School
May 22-23, 2000
Tuscaloosa, AL SH Investigation, Level 1 Tuscaloosa County
May 30-31, 2000
Bibb County, GA Sexual Harassment Awareness Middle Georgia RESA July
Bibb County, GA SH Complaint Management Middle Georgia RESA July
Bibb County, GA SH Investigation, Level 1 Middle Georgia RESA
28, 2000
Alexandria, KY SH Investigation, Level 1 Campbell County Schools

July 31-Aug 1, 2000
Fairfield, OH Sexual Harassment Awareness Fairfield City Schools

Nov. 20, 2000
Fairfield, OH SH Investigation, Level 1 Fairfield City Schools

Nov. 20-21, 2000


About Mary Jo McGrath and McGrath Systems, Inc.

Mary Jo McGrath, attorney at law, Founder and President of McGrath Systems,

Inc., graduated magna cum laude in 1974 from the University of California
Angeles, and from Loyola University School of Law cum laude in 1977. She
been a practicing attorney for over twenty two years, specializing in
employee performance issues and legal mandates in the workplace. In 1989,
after serving as a partner in one of California's most prestigious law
she founded her own law office specializing in education and personnel law.

Ms. McGrath's unique practice involves cases dealing with termination,
suspension, and layoffs, as well as labor relation matters such as
negotiations, arbitrations, unfair practice proceedings and employment
discrimination issues, with emphasis on sexual harassment.

Her training company, McGrath Systems, Inc., produces the highly acclaimed
educational video series for schools Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk
The Early Faces of Violence: From Playground Bully to Sexual Harasser and
delivered workshops on the subjects of sexual harassment awareness and
investigation and administrator accountability/teacher evaluation to over
70,000 school administrators.

Ms. McGrath is acknowledged as an international expert in both labor
relations and employee performance, quality and discipline law. She has
an expert consultant to the office of the California Governor on teacher
tenure reform and has been the featured legal expert on CBS' Eye to Eye
Connie Chung, The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and 48 Hours programs on

the issue of sexual harassment and on ABC's 20/20 on the issue of teacher
quality and performance. She has been featured in The Los Angeles Times,
New York Times, Redbook, Reader's Digest, Seventeen and several nationally
circulated professional journals. Ms. McGrath currently serves as Chair of
the US Department of Education Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools

To reach Mary Jo McGrath--

Write to: McGrath Systems, Inc.
            3905 State Street, #7, Box 211
            Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Call: (800) 733-1638 or (805) 882-1212
Fax: (805) 682-8307
web site:

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