Re: Title IX softball case

Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 17:50:24 EDT

Amber -- Have you ever litigated a Title IX case? Are you a lawyer? Have
played sports? Your comments do not reflect the real world but rather the
world of right wing rhetoric. You also do not seem to understand the
argument. Men's football LOSES an average of $1.2 million dollars per year
most NCAA schools. Cut the perks of men's football and a school could
to fund an entire men's swim team and wrestling team. If you have 100
and only 50 math text books, you do not eliminate math, you force the
to share books.

OCR does NOT force anyone to comply via proportionality. Schools do so
they do not have the courage to stand up to men's football and basketball
coaches who make more money and have more power than the president of the
university. They also do so because they have absolutely NO clue what
Title IX
requires and they do NOTHING to educate themselves about it. I depose
director after athletic director who admits under oath that he (always a
so far) that he has never taken any continuing ed courses or received any
training whatsoever in Title IX.

Also, if you look at the NCAA's own figures, you will see that men's
opportunities have actually INCREASED since Title IX. Men's budgets have
sky-rocketed --- at rates far higher than women's budgets. If men's
were merely kept level, schools could fund more men's and women's teams.
Sports Illustrated issued its own editorial this month on Title IX, saying
that if schools only had the courage to cut 2 assistant football coaches or
scholarships, they could fund a minor men's sport in its entirety. It is a
cowardly cop-out to blame women for schools' own cowardice and ignorance --
especially when those women aren't even close to receiving equity. Kristen
Galles, Equity Legal.

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