Re: Title IX softball case

Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 17:16:08 EDT

Who is complaining about letting girls "in the door?" I am criticizing the
use of numeric "participation rates" to judge opportunity, and I am
severely criticizing the dismantling of boys' teams in order to make the
participation rates equal. Show me instances of someone complaining about
letting girls in the door.


In response to:
> Excellent point, Peggy. The true problem is that school administrators
> elected school board members often do not have the political and/or moral
> courage to stand up and tell the old timers that the world has changed
> they have to let women in the door. I often get the excuse that athletic
> directors don't want to change so the school boards won't. Since when
> should ADs be allowed to vote to deny our daughters their civil AND
> rights????
> Kristen Galles <>


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