International Symposium, AAUW

Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 17:26:52 EDT

Forwarded from FEMECON, by Linda Purrington, Title IX Associates,

>I write to notify you that the American Association of University Women
>(AAUW) Educational Foundation will be holding its first biennial
>international symposium, 'International Perspectives: the Political,
>and Economic Impact of Education for Women and Girls' in Washington, DC on
>Nov. 17-18, 2000. The symposium will look at what impact women have made
>in their communities and around the world through their political, social,
>and economic roles. Meena Dalal, who is acting as an advisor and proposal
>reviewer for this event, suggested that some of the scholars at the
>International Assoc. for Feminist Economists who are working on women and
>education issues might be interested in attending. Unfortunately, the
>proposal deadline is fast approaching (May 1) however the information and
>submission form is on the AAUW web site at
>you are interested or know of others that might be. I'd also be happy to
>answer any questions.
>Sasha Drobnick

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