[EDEQUITY] Re 10: Title IX

From: Kristen Galles (kgalles@erols.com)
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 11:03:52 EDT

Amber -- The real problem arises when people who have not experienced the
discrimination that is more than epidemic out there pretend that there is
discrimination. People like Verna and many others on this list have been
law school, have helped write the regulations, have been on the cutting
edge of
Title IX litigation, have worked with millions of female athletes
have fielded thousands and thousands of phone calls, emails, and letters
kids, coaches, and parents who have all experienced unbelievable

When nonlawyers try to interpret the law without having worked
on cases for years, when nonathletes try to talk about girls in sports, and
when people who have not lived through or represented the million of
discrimination victims try to cry about reverse discrimination, Title IX is
truly in trouble. You have stated in your emails that you have not
discrimination. Don't ASSUME that your experience is the norm. You are
lucky. You do not have the personal, educational, or professional
to lecture people on Title IX. Write back when you have spent some time in
real world --- after you don't get that first job because you are a woman
after you don't get into law school because you are a woman or when you get
harassed and tormented in law school classes by males who think law is
the bastion of men or when you get a real job and get lower pay or don't
taken to the high power lunches because you are female. That is the real
for most women. Until you have lived it, you will never "GET" it.

Kristen Galles

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