[EDEQUITY] Re: Participation Rates

From: FairTest@aol.com
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 09:47:34 EDT


Can you tell exactly what Participation Report you are referring to? And
exactly you can to the conclusion that "Analysis of overall participation
rates as reported by the NCAA indicates that for every female athlete
four male athletes have been eliminated to satisfy the quota"?

I just visited the NCAA website at printed out their "NCAA Participation
At-A-Glance 1983-1998" and what I see is that with the exception of only
years, when women's rates go up, so do men's and when men's rates go down,
do women's. It does show that women have been making more gains then men,
for the first ten years of the report women's number were half that of
and then from the 1992/93-1997/98 rising from 53% to only 66%.

If one were to believe your +1/-4 statistic you would assume that as
rates go up, men's go down, but that's just not the case. Also, even if
did find some statistic that matched your +1/-4, by manipulating numbers,
where did you find that this was because of Title IX and schools fulfilling

quotas? Before you through around statistics you should remember that
correlation, if there is one, does not necessarily mean causation.

Jennifer Griffis

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