[EDEQUITY] Re: Boys and School Article

From: Pat Phillips (bkristin@inwave.com)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 16:40:37 EDT

> As a high school teacher, I have read with interest (and sometimes utter
> amazement and disbelief) at the comments on this list. I teach computer
> programming and have worked very hard to create environments to take into
> account the "style" differences based on gender. I am still not so sure
> that the differences are as much biological as cultural (brainwashing or
> indoctrination by families, culture, schools,etc.)

We all need to be aware (open minded enough) to view situations a variety
perspectives. The first flaw in thinking is that parents know their
best. To this I say "bunk". I can assure you that the parental glasses of
love make some children "neglected and misunderstood" by schools, the law,
etc. when the reality is very different. How many times have the parents
children who have "made the bad news" claimed disbelief and lack of
of the situation. This applies to all children and all parents to some
(usually large) degree.

Please know that in many classrooms (and society in general) children of
sexes behave in the manner in which they are reinforced (given attention
positive or negative). Girls are reinforced for being quiet and
Hence the expressions such as "Isn't she sweet?" & "What a nice girl". It
sounds a bit strange to refer to boys in such terms. Instead we reinforce
boys with phrases such as "boys will be boys" or "He's all boy". Notice
female reinforcer encourage "good" behavior and male reinforcers encourage
behaviors which generally are difficult to deal with in a room of 30
students. It is a very vicious cycle and difficult to break from. Please
know that many teachers work very hard to do the best for both girls and
but we too are victims of the same societal influences.

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