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Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 11:16:57 EDT

The 2000 Catalog from the WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC is now

Products in the catalog have been developed throughout the country by
teachers, researchers, state education officials, community organizations,
and individuals. They offer concrete ways to implement gender equitable
education in all settings--education that supports the education of all
students. Whether you are beginning the process or are an experienced
gender equity specialist, our resources will help you make sense of
emerging issues in equity and how they relate to your teaching or work.
One important product is Raising the Grade: A Title IX Curriculum,
designed to help girls and boys recognize how to make gender equity a
positive reality in all areas of their lives.

In addition to materials for the classroom, the catalog has the latest
research and discussion on key education issues, highlighted in our digests
and working papers. Digests, written by education researchers and experts
in the field, help practitioners, administrators, and policymakers look
specifically at the gender issues within key reform efforts. Our most
recent digest, Honoring Ways of Knowing: Education Assessment, is authored
by A. Lin Goodwin of Teachers College. Her research article is supported
by articles from state and local practitioners who give a snapshot of ways
to implement equitable assessment.

In addition to the catalog, we have a variety of fliers on our materials
and services, ranging from materials and programs for SMET to materials for
educational leadership and disabilities.

The catalog and other fliers are available individually or in bulk and are
perfect for workshops, trainings, teacher preparation classes, and resource
libraries. To request copies, contact the WEEA Center: 800-225-3088;
800-354-6798 (TTY) or WEEActr@edc.org

Katherine Hanson
Sr. Project Director
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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