[EDEQUITY] help for a student

From: Clifford Hampton (cliffh@ext.msstate.edu)
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 10:55:54 EDT

Concerning girls wearing white and boys wearing blue, this can be
perceived as discriminatory based on Title VII and Title IX.
First, why does the school have such a policy and is it for bonafide
business reasons. Secondly, is this a private or public school and
lastly, does the girl want to participate in the graduation ceremony.

As I stated previously, this policy has the appearance of
discrimination. When challenging these issues, time should not be
a factor because it can take years to resolve through the court.
Additionally, I do not expect the school's leadership to be sensitive to
this issue unless a group of concerned parents complains.

One Solutions is to do nothing. Another is to file an informal
complaint. Another is for parents to caucus and file a formal or
informal complaint. Still another is to graduate and later file a formal
complaint within the 180 day time period or within the schools

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