[EDEQUITY] Categorically Terrifying

From: Dolores Pitman (dpitman@mesa.k12.co.us)
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 17:21:23 EDT

The project originally began as an NSF funded project and was
called "Equity in Mathematics Education Leadership Institute"
(EMELI). It is affiliated with the Math Center at UCSB. The focus
was, is and continues to be on how race, class and gender bias
impact teaching and learning. There was a strand dealing with math
however, the rest of the content can be applied to any discipline and
is not solely limited in its use, to math classrooms. It is an education
reform project and seeks to build leadership as well as support
leadership in the area of equity ed reform.

We do cover other areas such as homophobia, language learning
issues and disability. However, we focus on race, class and gender

EMELI is now under the umbrella of NCEE. I hope this info is
useful. Bye, Dolores

P.S. did you receive the email with the addresses? I sent that out
earlier today.


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